Dragonmarked House

The Dragonmarked Houses are important organisations that have enough sway to impact entire nations in Khorvaire and beyond. Founded by a Dragonmarked Heir, someone who bore a strange tattoo that granted them magical powers, almost every single Dragonmarked House have a monopoly on a particular Dragonmark. Each Dragonmarked House has ruthlessly pursued a particular area of trade and keep those who are descended from a Dragonmarked heir closely tied to the House. Rumours abound of assassinations against illegitimate bastards descended from a Dragonmarked Heir and someone who was not a member of the House. While there might be some truth to these rumours, in most cases the bastard is adopted by the Dragonmarked House and are carefully trained to see them become a valued member of the House.

Manifesting a Dragonmark

Any character who has the Dragonmarked Family Member background can choose to gain a dragonmark. This replaces the ability score bonuses granted to them by their race. Alternatively a character may choose to take the Manifested Dragonmark feat.

Not everyone who belongs to a Dragonmarked House manifests a dragonmark. Almost nobody is ever born with a dragonmark. Typically it will manifest sometime in a person’s early adult years with each House having their own rituals and training that they believe increase the likelihood of a Dragonmark manifesting. Those who don’t manifest a dragonmark remain members of the House as it is quite possible their offspring will manifest a dragonmark.

Each time a Dragonmark manifests it does so in it’s least form. Then as a dragonmarked person develops their abilities it will grow larger and the patterns grow more complex. Many dragonmarked heirs go their whole life with only having developed their dragonmark into it’s lesser form.

Dragonmarked Houses in the Last War

The Dragonmarked Houses were ostensibly neutral during the Last War, offering their services and goods to everyone involved in the war. However this did not stop their members from secretly sneaking away and then joining a side under a false name. This behaviour was frowned upon by the Houses, but it was more common then most would think.

The Dragonmarked Houses

The Dragonmarked Houses are:

Dragonmarked House

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