Gnomes are secretive by nature and with the founding of the human kingdoms, spread across Khorvaire both far and wide.


One of the smallest races of Khorvaire, gnomes are around 3 feet tall on average. Their complexion is typically lightly tanned or a dark brown while their hair is typically blonde to white in colouring.

Gnomes from Breland

Gnomes have lived in Breland for as long as there has been a Breland, although the population is nowhere near the levels they are in Zilargo. Filled with an inherent curiousity, gnomes and will dedicate years to learning new things, whether it’s learning how to speak with animals, a way to manipulate arcane magic to create illusions or inventing new technologies.

Placing a high value on knowledge, gnomes are typically quite secretive and will fiercely safeguard their knowledge against theft, only choosing to sell it to strangers at a high price. As such they typically work for academic institutions, espionage fields or creating new inventions for commercial uses.

Gnome Racial Traits

Gnomes may choose either the Forest Gnome or Rock Gnome subrace from the Players Handbook.


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