Changelings, sometimes referred to as doppelgangers in a derogatory manner, are a race of natural shapeshifters who have the ability to assume the appearance of other races and even other people. Their history is shrouded in mystery, although they have been found on Khorvaire for as long as there have been people. They can be found in any society and may openly walk the streets as a changeling or adopt a guise at a moment’s notice.


In their natural form a changeling appears around 5 feet to 6 feet in height. Their complexion ranges from a stark white colour to a dark gray. Their eyes have no colouring or visible pupils while their hair ranges in colour from white to green, red or blue.

Changelings from Breland

Like in all regions of Khorvaire, changelings can be found in Breland. In Sharn changelings can capitalise on their natural talents and openly gain employment as a prostitute or an actor. Other changelings use their abilities to gain employment as either a spy for the government of Breland as they often did during the Last War or as a thief, burglar or con-man.

Changelings may be found in any ward in Sharn and worship the common faiths of Breland, as all citizens of the nation do. When a changeling baby is born they appear in their natural form. Although they will instinctively adopt the form of their mother within moments of being held. For this reason though it is important that changelings know others of their kind and so they will periodically meet others of their kind discretely to keep their secret culture alive and in contact with each other.

Amongst changelings there is a thriving market for identities. Although a changeling can adopt a new appearance at a moment’s notice, most will cultivate at least 1 identity that they remain in most of the time. When a changeling dies they’ll often bequeath the identities they had in life to their heirs. Sometimes a changeling may sell one or more of their identities to other changelings while they’re still alive. This is especially common among changelings who are looking to retire or have suddenly received a number of identities through inheritance.

Such identities often come with a significant amount of paperwork including official travel papers, deeds to any property that identity owns along with detailed notes of their business associates, friends, enemies, hobbies and any significant events that have occurred in that identity’s life. All of these facts can strongly impact an identity’s value and so some may be cheaper than others. The practice of passing around identities is highly illegal, but most non-changelings aren’t aware of the practice.

Changeling Racial Traits

Changelings have the following racial traits.

Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma increases by 2 and your Intelligence increases by 1.
Age. Doppelgnagers mature at the same rate as humans and live roughly the same number of years.
Alignment. Changelings can be of any alignment.
Size. changelings are of the same proportions as their mother’s race and so almost always have a size of Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Darkvision. Thanks to your celestial you have superior vision in dark and dim conditions. You can see in dim light up to 60 feet as if it was bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern colours in darkness, only shades of grey.
Shapechanger. As an action you can assume the appearance of any medium humanoid and may choose to appear as a specific person. Depending on the familiarity someone has with a specific identity they may or may not have advantage to spot your disguise. When you die you revert to your true form.
Silver Tongue. You are proficient in the deception skill.
Languages. You can speak, read and write Common and two other languages of your choice.


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