Half-elves first came to be when humans and elves first met in Khorvaire. However in the centuries since then they have become their own race, with most half-elves the result of two half-elf parents. Although there are some who are born to a human and elf, or more commonly a half-elf and either a human or an elf. They are commonly called Khoravar, which means the children of Khorvaire in elven.


Half-elves can be found with any complexion, typically stand just short of 6 feet in height. They have the elven pointed ears, but otherwise can be brawny or thin and have a lot of hair or very little. They typically share the human range in hair and eye colour, although very rarely they may have the more exotic colourings of the elves.

Half-Elves from Breland

Much like other races in Breland, half-elves have lived there since it’s founding and are completely integrated with the rest of society.

Racial Traits for Half-Elves

Half-elves gain the racial traits from the half-elf race in the player’s handbook.


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